Important Aspects about Mid-Century Modern Style that you should know

If you are a collector of vintage furniture, or just interested in vintage interior design, then you must have come across mid-century modern style pieces. Mid-century modern style furnishing was started by Bauhaus architects and designers who migrated to America from Germany after the Second World War. Although this kind of furnishing only lasted between the 1930s and 1960s, it still appeals to many homeowners today.

Distinguishing features of Mid-century modern style

Several features distinguish this style of furnishing from others. The features ensure the classical and understated look is maintained when used in interior design. These features include:

  • Emphasis on functionality- In the making of mid-century modern style furniture, a lot of attention was paid towards the purpose of the furniture. The function determined the form of furniture, unlike today where comfort is considered when designing.
  • Minimal ornamentation- Mid-century modern style furniture focused on delivering simple yet appealing interior designs. As a result, minimal ornaments were incorporated in the design of furniture. Instead or ornaments, precious materials such as gold would be incorporated in the design for those who needed them.
  • Use of traditional and non-traditional materials- There was a lot of technological advancements after the Second World War. During this time, non-traditional materials such as plastic and glass found their way into interior design considerations. Other than wood, which was the traditional material, glass, steel, and plastic were also used to make furniture.
  • A blend of culture in design- Bauhaus architects and designers moved to America with a lot of cultural practices and beliefs from Germany. As the interaction with Americans grew during this era, furniture was made to suit both the American and German cultures. However, there exists mid-century modern style furniture that specifically suit the German culture and the American culture.
  • Sleek lines with organic and geometric forms- Mid-century modern style furniture targeted at delivering functionality and simplicity. As a result, uncluttered pieces of furniture that deliver a simple yet classical look were designed.

As the years advanced, a lot of mid-century modern style furniture has been duplicated and improved on. Therefore, it might be hard to find an original mid-century modern style piece of furniture. However, platforms such as Tylko’s guide to mid-century modern style furniture provide guides on how to identify such pieces in the current world.